About us

The horticultural centre Centrum Ogrodnicze "Lilia" was founded in 2009. Before, it was a retail outlet operating since 1995, which – as a result of the dynamic development of the horticultural market – within 10 years turned into a large horticultural centre. At present, it covers the area of 10,000 sqm, with a shop 2,500 sqm large, a market place of 3,000 sqm and a car park with 100 parking spaces. Our horticultural centre offers a diverse range of plants, horticultural accessories, substrates, crop protection chemicals, and seasonal products (for Christmas and Easter), grave lanterns, etc.

We are proud of our wide range of ornamental plants produced in the tree nursery Szkółka Krzewów L.A. Blabuś located in the commune of Biała. Thanks to our qualifications, years of experience and cooperation with Polish and foreign partners, we can offer both popular, most sought after plants and many rare species. The whole production of our trees and shrubs is supervised by a team of qualified and experienced experts. This is why our offer of plants is so diverse and of such high quality that it can satisfy the most demanding clients.

We offer everything for every Client’s garden!